Problem Validation Individual Report

Recreational activities such as visits to amusement parks, cinemas, and other leisure activities alike are often quite expensive. The majority of college students and young working professionals run on a low budget. Not only do these high costs make it hard for people of certain demographics to attend events, but it also creates a sense of disconnection that has made it hard for a lot of people to connect with strangers. This is now firmly ingrained within our culture. We use the word ingrained because people are spending more time away from friends and family. From this point of view, the issue of money and social connection have become directly correlated.
Our idea is to create an internet service and/or application that brings people together to qualify for group discounts offered by recreational focused businesses. This further allows people to get in touch with the community and enjoy shared interests. Millennials and Generation Z are gradually becoming antisocial. Mobile phones and internet services are a huge part of daily life. With an increase in the cost of living for millennials and Generation Z, wages are stagnating. This trend led our team to come up with a business opportunity, which is to bring people together through group discounts. The problem arises with a huge market gap that currently exists. There is not a direct solution to the problem that we seek to solve. However, there is a lack of service that is discount focused and at the same time, interaction-based with a social aspect to it. Upon research, we found indirect competitors who are either discount focused or social media focused. However, we found none that offers the combination of group discounts with deep integration of interaction.
We are passionate about this problem because we have found ourselves to experience this problem ourselves. All of us are college students who are living on a tight budget. Therefore, it is hard for us to attend events with our friends. This has also created a problem for us to lose the connection that could have been established otherwise. We would love to attend recreational events, but often dont qualify for group discounts. Unable to find a resolution to this obstacle, we decided to recognize the problem and solve it ourselves.

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