Narrative therapy

Topic: Narrative therapy

Meeting with the other students that selected the same topic/week as you, your group will explore the literature and research around that therapy modality. After spending some time in the research, your group will create a discussion prompt that will elicit a thought-provoking discussion for your classmates. You will provide two to three resources (videos, readings, and the like) that peers will need to review to help them participate in the discussion. Each group will submit a one-page overview of the discussion including:

Discussion prompt
List of readings, videos, and other resources that you asked your peers to review, in APA format
Any resources that you used in preparing your discussion prompt, in APA format

For ideas on how to structure your discussion, including resources to help your classmates learn, please review this Example of a Good Group-Facilitated Discussion (PDF). Note: This sample provides you with guidance on structure, not on content!

Example of a Good Group Facilitated Discussion

This is an example of what a well put together prompt will look like. It includes an introduction, resources to illustrate the concept being explored, and prompts to elicit engaging discussion.


In this discussion, we’ll take a closer look at personalized learning, a concept introduced in Chapter 7 of our textbook. Shrum and Levin characterize personalized learning as an instructional approach that gives learners control of their experiences. They contrast this to individualized learning, which involves tailoring instruction for each student. Following the personalized approach, educators create a general framework in which learners can choose their own paths. Under this paradigm, students become active participants in deciding what, how, and when they learn.


Technology has an important role to play in personalized learning. It can instill motivation and produce meaningful learning. See, for example, Section 1: Engaging and Empowering Learning Through Technology. For additional background on personalized learning, review the following article. Then, answer one of the two discussion prompts. ‘Personal Learning Environments’ Focus on the Individual

Discussion Prompts

1. The benefits of personalized learning have been widely touted. Less well-documented are the downsides and risks. What are the potential drawbacks to personalized learning, and what could be done to mitigate these concerns? Cite two sources to support your reasoning.

2. As a school leader, how would you pitch personalized learning strategies to teachers and parents to establish buy-in? How would you articulate the benefits? What challenges to garnering support might arise? Cite two sources to support your reasoning.


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