Team 6

Lowering gun violence in Chicago.  Create power point with notes for each slide please

You should take the information presented in your Design Project Presentation and now put more detail into the Design by creating a strategic plan for the implementation of the Design plan. There should be a discussion of the 

1. External environment that may impact the plan.

2. The potential competitors to the project.

3. The internal environment that may impact the plan. What are the internal resources needed to complete the plan.

4. Associated costs and benefits for the implementation of the plan.

5. Responsible parties for the completion of the plan.

6. Milestones & Time-frame for the plan.

7. Options to overcome any obstacles to complete the plan.

Please organize the plan in these sections:

1. Introduction

2. External & Competitor Analysis 

3. Internal Analysis

4. Costs & Benefits

5. Responsibility

6. Implementation Milestones & Time-frames

7. Options to Overcome Obstacles

8. Conclusion

9. References

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The post Team 6 appeared first on Essay Writers.

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