Diagnosis And Treatment Of Sexual Addiction*** POWER POINT

Course Concepts PowerPoint

You are asked to present a talk about one of the concepts learned in this course. ***Diagnosis and Treatment of Sexual Addiction*** You will choose one of the topics listed below to create a PowerPoint presentation to be used in presenting to a group to explain the topic. In your presentation, you should include at least 3 references from the course material or outside sources to support your information. Make sure to document your sources in current APA format.


· The cycle of addiction

· The addictive system of the sex addict

· Levels of sexual addiction

· Characteristics and “rules” of dysfunctional families

· Core beliefs of the sexual addict

· Coaddiction

· The SAFE formula (as described by Carnes)

· Spiritual abuse

· The “Desires of the Heart” (as described by Mark Laaser)

· Criteria for diagnosis of sexual addiction

· Family systems

Your presentation must be completed in Microsoft PowerPoint and must include the following:

· At least 10 content slides (not counting the title slide or reference slide);

· A script (at least 50 words for each content slide) as a guide for presenting the information;


· A minimum of 3 references from the course material and/or outside sources.

· A title page and a reference page.


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