The cognitive dissonance of customer purchases

Literature Review Requirements

•The topic for this assignment:

The cognitive dissonance of customer purchases increases the likelihood of buyer’s remorse. If cognitive dissonance is prevented, then buyer’s remorse will not exist.

•Select resources that will help support the reason for your study and for how you design your study. It

may be that the 10 references do not fit with the direction you end up pursuing. You can find other

references that are more applicable.

•You can integrate research studies in your literature review in many different ways. You can organize

your paper by subtopics, pros/cons, strengths/weaknesses, advantages/disadvantages, chronological, etc. The organization should make sense for your topic.

•A high-quality paper involves integrating your references. In other words, you should not article stack,

where you summarize Study 1, then Study 2, etc.

•It is a good idea to include how the study contributes to the body of literature on the topic (in other

words, why it is important), weaknesses or strengths of the study, and what future research is possible.

•Citations must be provided throughout the paper. Ideas must be cited, as well as quotations.

•Literature reviews are very similar to term papers.

•This should be a minimum of 5 pages.


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