Using Group Therapy In The Classroom Environment

In some ways, being in class is like being in a therapy group. Students come together at a specific time and place with the express goal of exchanging thoughts and ideas to learn and increase understanding. During this process, students celebrate successes and deal with obstacles that impede their progress. Student achievement is monitored, and progress is measured. In the end, students hope to leave with more than when they arrived.

Awareness of the group therapy process has the potential to improve the classroom experience. Imagine focusing a class’s collaborative work with one or more of Yalom’s therapeutic factors. Alternatively, group therapy techniques might help resolve interpersonal conflicts that arise during a course.

For this Discussion, consider how the therapeutic factors of group therapy might be applied to the classroom. Also, reflect on your experience and share your insights about group therapy. Limit your reflection to your own thoughts and actions. Do not analyze or discuss behaviors or issues of other students in the class.

With these thoughts in mind:

Write a brief description of at least one therapeutic factor that may be applied to the dynamics of the classroom as a member of this “group.” Then, explain any additional insights you had or conclusions you drew about group therapy Provide examples to support your response. Be specific and use current literature to support your response.

APA format. Stay on TOpic. no more than 4 paragraphs.


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