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finish the module 8 and 9 quiz. You need finish the answer in the text book, here’s the text book link. Everything is shown in the text book. Don’t google, read the text book please, thank you. Link of text book: https://courses.lumenlearning.com/suny-hccc-worldh…


Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that includes the following: Definition and origins of rehabilitation in prison Definition of parole and how it differs from mandatory release Definition of probation and how it compares to other forms of sentencing Definition and options of community corrections Critique the current rehabilitation options: Is there a better solution […]

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6. Interpreting during the listening process is the same as: receiving. decoding. encoding. responding. 10. If your listening preference is to “cut to the chase” by getting to the point quickly, then you are a(n) __________ listener. schedule-oriented people-oriented action-oriented content-oriented 12. Speech criticism is a simpler form of: panel judging. communication process. speech evaluation. […]


Section-B – Prepare ERD and RDM for following Scenarios Students and Subjects Scenario STUDENT StudentId Name Course BirthDate 100 Jones Arts 21/03/85 150 Parks Accounting 19/06/85 200 Baker Mathematics 04/04/85 250 Glass Arts 14/09/85 300 Baker Accounting 19/07/85 350 Russell Mathematics 20/07/85 400 Rye Accounting 18/03/85 450 Jones Arts 24/12/84 ENROLMENT StudentId SubjectCode Position in […]


I need someone to edit and re-write my goals and employee comments. I need 3 competency based goals and 3 functional goals. Don’t worry about the supervisor comments. I gave some examples please add to my goals to make sure I have 3 competency based goals and 3 functional goals and my employee comments. Nothing […]


Reflect: Reflect on the characteristics of a critical thinker. What makes you a critical thinker? Critical thinking gets you involved in a dialogue with the ideas you read from others in this class. To be a critical thinker, you need to be able to summarize, analyze, hypothesize, and evaluate new information that you encounter. Write: […]


You have probably noticed that some groups to which you have belonged were able to get a task done very effectively, while other groups seemed to lack direction and purpose. When you think about it, you can probably attribute much of the group’s effectiveness to the leader’s decision-making style. For this Discussion, you will have […]


What my teacher said: Well, this is definitely important question – I want to tweak it a little bit to “How does socioeconomic status impact HIV infection?” socioeconomic status is a more robust way to measure social class and will probably be a helpful search term as you look for articles (socioeconomic status is also […]


For this four different paragraph, I will need you to write a short comment paragraph for each paragraph below Make it easy comment, for example, start with I think you are right or something that will be fine. I will need very short one, about 100 words for each. 1. This was a great podcast […]